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Emma Saunders | Photographer & Artistic Director

A Freelance photographer based in London  

I am originally a Londoner, born in Hammersmith, I come from a mixed background of creation, music, illustration, acting and photography.

I began photography through simply snapping friends at parties and on my various travel trips of escape, it grew very naturally over my years of study at college. I very much loved giving someone a good photo of themselves. I love light! Over time of saving and adding to my equipment and with many other jobs in between I built a portfolio of work, firstly for fun and creation, but then as I kept going, more kept appearing and I started to get opportunities in more and more paid work. Weddings appeared and lots of them in the summer months. This then freed me up and gave me the right head space to then really plug myself into other passions and dreams in a different form of art, such as acting and telling great stories of life. Which also lead me into the odd actors head shot under a bridge 😉 However I have done a wide variety of photography over the years good to try it all…

But really and most importantly it’s all about getting those flattering angles 😉 and keepers for life.


Love Emma x